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Paying Top Dollar for First Dollar Coverage?

What deductibles say about health coverage value.   Skyrocketing Costs, Plummeting Value If there’s one constant in today’s healthcare marketplace, it’s that you don’t get what you pay for. Well into 2024, employers are struggling to pay rapidly inflating price tags on stagnant benefits, and the financial strain is affecting…

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Ful Taps Industry Veterans to Lead Sales Activity Ahead of App Release

Dubuque, Iowa — (December 12, 2023) To complete a successful year marked by significant growth and impactful platform enhancements, ful has announced that Trey Hinson and Dom Maggiore have joined its sales team as Head of Strategic Partnerships and Chief Revenue Officer, respectively. “Both veterans in the group health benefits…

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HSAs—The Benefit That Keeps on Benefitting

By: Dr. Bernie Saks President and CEO at ful. When the Health Savings Account (HSA) broke onto the healthcare scene in 2003, it provided plan members with a way to invest their income into a tax-free savings account for qualified health expenses.1 And these qualified expenses can range from vision,…

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Is Your Health a Lifetime Investment, Or Just Another Bill?

By: Dr. Bernie Saks President and CEO at ful. If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you’re overpaying for your health insurance. But you’re not alone. In fact, about one third of working Americans overpay an average of $1,700 annually for their health coverage1—with nothing to show for…

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What a Recent Lawsuit Against Aetna Means for the Insurance Space

By: Dr. Bernie Saks President and CEO at ful. Ever wonder why people don’t trust health insurance companies?  It’s because the moment insurance companies receive their first premium payment, oftentimes, those premiums are used against the consumers. Too often, those payments, are used to cushion insurance companies’ profits. We’ve all…

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ful. and Quizzify Join Forces to Help Members Double Down on Healthcare Knowledge and Savings

Watch the complete presentation now! ful. is very excited to announce the launch of our innovative new operating system. The new system is designed to revolutionize the way money flows through the healthcare marketplace by pre-funding members’ health savings accounts (HSAs) and combining that with a plan that delivers savings…

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Quality, Affordability, Accessibility, Longevity: There Is a Health Benefits Solution That Works for All Stakeholders…

Keep reading—you may be surprised to learn that the answer is right under your nose.   It shouldn’t be a major shock to anyone—industry stakeholder or otherwise—that the U.S. healthcare system no longer works the way it was originally designed. With costs continuing to skyrocket, waste at an all-time high…

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Out of Control Rising Costs of Healthcare Impact Employers and Employees, Isn’t It Time to Get It Right for Everyone?

By: Dr. Bernie Saks, President & CEO at ful.   Whether moving into a new home, starting a new job, or changing health insurance coverage, transitions—even those made for the better—can be difficult. And oftentimes the perception of the new home, new job, or new insurance is based more upon…

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Discover a Fresh Approach to Health Coverage That’s Essential for Employers in Today’s Highly Competitive Labor Market

Employers nationwide—especially small and mid-sized groups—are facing tough budgetary decisions resulting from the increasingly burdensome costs associated with providing employee health coverage, many of which are forced to choose between offering benefits, maintaining/growing their workforce, and staying within budget. According to professional services firm Aon, the average employer cost for…

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ful. Brings Fresh Take on the HSA to Group Healthcare Coverage Marketplace

Dubuque, Iowa – Group health insurance doesn’t have to be mysterious, intimidating, or over- priced. Say hello to ful., an integrated health insurance product and health savings account (HSA) that, according to its creator, was built from the ground up to fight skyrocketing health plan costs and provide richer, yet…

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