Equipping Brokers with More

Richer Benefits, Lower Costs, Zero Risk

We love partnering with brokers and consultants to help meet your groups’ biggest challenges. Are your groups seeing double digit increases in healthcare premiums? Be the hero your health plans need by offering a better option!

Why ful.?

  • Level-funding (or self-funding) made easy for groups with as few as 30 covered lives.

  • Even if your groups are already self-insured, by putting members first, you can reduce healthcare spend without sacrificing quality of care.

  • ful. delivers a richer benefits solution that lowers costs while improving member health outcomes and financial well-being.

  • ful. Improves access to care, eliminates deductibles, and creates engaged, savvy healthcare consumers.

  • ful. returns unspent premium to group at renewal.

  • ful. presents zero risk for groups, as they are protected against catastrophic claims costs with stop loss coverage.


For decades, large companies have been saving using self-funded plans. Now, ful. brings level-funding to small businesses in a brilliant new operating system that engages members and rewards them while simultaneously lowering healthcare costs and improving member health and financial well-being.

Let’s talk about what ful. can do for your clients today!


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