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Richer Benefits, Lower Costs, Zero Risk

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Why ful.?

  • By putting members first, you can reduce healthcare spend. without sacrificing quality of care

  • ful. delivers a richer benefits solution that lowers costs while improving member health outcomes and financial well-being.

  • ful. improves access to care, mitigates deductibles, and creates engaged, savvy healthcare consumers. ful. plugs into any qualified HDHP to improve access to care.

  • ful. provides fun, gamified education proven effective to help members easily take control of their healthcare.


For decades, businesses have relied on self-funded plans to help protect their bottom line and their members. Today, moving to a qualified high deductible health plan saves employers and members money. By pre-funding members’ HSAs and adding ful. to engage members in their benefits and care, plans are offering richer benefit while right sizing utilization for savings on top of savings.

Let’s talk about what ful. can do for your clients today!


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